Meaningful Holidays:Going to Thailand and find yourself and help save the planet.

Beyond the cosmopolitan Bangkok, redlight areas, beautful beaches and colourful temple buildings the timeless mythical paths for serious seekers are hidden behind the curtains of modern Thailand.

If you want to return home with more vitality from within and more meaning in life, join this 2-week alternative holidays. Daily mindfulness practice and yoga, visiting life behind the skycrapers, home-stay in an ecocommunity, treking to have conversations with wise people of forest dewellers, experiencing being alone in the wilderness, living a contemplative life in a forest monastery, etc.




Awakening Facilitating and Leadership Potentials from Within.

A 14-day experiential learning to build up confidence from within based on socially engaged mindfulness practice, deep ecology and Tao philosophy in an eco-Ashram and on a peaceful beach. It is a combination of mini-lectures with praticums by participants and feedback in a friendly environment. Good for people who want to lead and facilitate without being self-centred. Good for leaders and facilitators who want to support others to empower themselves.




The Ecovillage Design Education (EDE): learning-to-change-your-life-and-society-to-save-the-planet

18 January ? 14 February 2015

Join a 4week- learning experience in eco-communities in Thailand early 2015.



Life can’t go on as it is.

Society can’t go on as it does.

Our way of life is destroying ourselves, our communities and our planet.

The way we organise our society is destroyoing ourselves, our communities and our planet.

Change is needed at all levels.