Educational Work: Learning courses for new paradigm thinking and practices .

The mess and madness we are facing today came about partly because of our modern education system. It’s contents and process reinforce and reproduce the values from the European Enlightenment as well as industrialism. To quote Gandhi Industrialization is, I am afraid, going to be a curse for mankind. Exploitation of one nation by another cannot go on for all time. Industrialism depends entirely on your capacity to exploit, on foreign markets being open to you, and on the absence of competitors . . . The future of industrialism is dark. ┬áMy own view is that the evils are inherent in industrialism, and no amount of socialization can eradicate them. READ MORE


Consultancy Work: on Ecovillage Design and Planning:

ETA provide consultancy services to

a) Organisations and individuals who want to design or re-design an ecovillage as an intentional community, which initiated by people who are tired of living a lonely and isolated urban life and awaken to the need to reconnect with other human being and nature to make a healthier, richer, more sustainable and humane life.

b) Re-design a traditional village into an ecovillage. This is for government agencies, business, non-profit organisations and villagers who want to re-design, redirect an existing traditional village into a more sustainable, low-carbon way of life with appropriate technology that doesn?t harm natural environment.

c) Re-design an business organization into eco-social enterprise. This is for those awakened entrepreneurs who see the urgent need redirect their business to befriend with nature with the principle of fairness to their consumers, employees and shareholders. In this case, the principle of moderate profit will replace maximization of profit; cooperation will replace competition; sustainable use of resources will replace exploitation of nature.